This blog is no longer in use, but the archive of posts will be left up. The email address of, will remain open, but will only be check periodically. To reach me faster, go to my FaceBook page.

I'm not going to lie, it may take me a while to answer. I'm busy. I procrastinate. Sometimes I can't formulate the words so I set it aside for later & get caught up in life. BUT, I do try. So far, I believe I have managed to return all the emails that I've received. It just sometimes takes me a while.

If you disagree with me on something, I have no issue with you letting me know. However, I do expect a rational argument supported by documented facts (citations appreciated).

If you're just writing to spew hate or argue a point based on emotions, religious philosophy, etc., with no facts that you can cite for veracity, don't bother because I will just roll my eyes. If you go far enough over the top, though, I do reserve the right to post a satirical and/or sarcastic post featuring our communications for my own personal amusement.

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