Thursday, January 5, 2017

With Every Breath of My Life I Will Be Ungrateful

People need to stop telling me to be grateful for the things that have happened to me because they "made me who I am." Really. Just stop. 

If that tired advice is the best you have, let's just discuss the weather. Because that topic will not end up anywhere you want to go.

I will not "thank god" for being brutalized. I will not "appreciate" being stalked. I will not "be grateful" for experiencing violence. I will not call it "god's plan" that I survived when others didn't. I will not say "god was watching out for me" because I'm still here, while so many have died at the hands of their abusers or, later, embraced and accelerated their own death to end the continual suffering that it had created in their life. 

No. With every breath of my life, I will be ungrateful.

The truth is, I can love who I am now, without "appreciating" the things that happened. Because if I embrace the idea that it's all for the best, in the end, then there is no reason to put in the work to protect others. And that I will always do. 

I am who I am in spite of the things that were done to me, not because of them. And I will do everything I can to keep such horrors from befalling any other human. 

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  1. I have never thought about it from this perspective and its like wow eye openimg. Made me think and I totally like your thinking.