Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CW visit

After a few months, the CW finally managed to make a "monthly" visit.

He missed November & December because he waited until the holidays & called to make same day visits. Naturally, this doesn't work well, since we travel 3 hours away to be with family for every major holiday, as he is well aware.

Today he called for a same day visit, as the concept of planning ahead apparently doesn't suit him. Since I was available, I obliged.

Nothing earth shattering happened, but he does estimate the adoption process will take approximately 6-8 months. 

That is insane. When her sister was in care, the process was to change to concurrent planning, have the adoption staffed, and have the child profile & homestudy complete by the time TPR trial happened so that the adoption petition could be filed as soon as the appeal period expired for tpr. Her mother consented to guardienship when we went to pretrial for TPR, so we didn't file until much later, but that entire process had alreay been completed. 

Apparently, despite claims that the objective is to achieve permanency for children faster, the department has actually extended the process such that it takes sugnificantly longer. Now I'm not asking to make the time for parents to work their plan obscenely short or anything like that, but the process after their rights have been terminated should not take that long, particularly for kids who have an identified adoptive placement that they are already integrated into. The whole point is supposed to be the best interest of the child, after all.

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