Monday, September 22, 2014

Court update from last month

Looking at my calendar, it occurs to me that I forgot to update on court last month. My apologies, but the death in the family took precedence. 

Tpr has been file on both the mother & unknown father. A motion for default termination on unknown father was taken under advisement, pending receipt of an affidavit from the tribe's ICW department, stating they have no objection.

Her mother failed to appear, but the judge called her to have her appear telephonically. She says she plans to start working her plan, but still hasn't done anything yet, nor does she know when she will. 

Pretrial is scheduled for October & tpr trial for November. However, the stand-in attorney for the child (usual attorney was unavailable) made a motion for default judgement against mother, as well, which is under advisement by the Court. What this means is, if she fails to appear at any future proceedings & no attorney appears on her behalf, the judge can terminate her rights without the jury trial. She was informed of this.

So...we shall see...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Second Mother

"Although you're not my mother
You mean as much to me,
As though you were,
As though you are, 
And~as though you'll always be.
For mothering is so much more
Than simply giving life
It's loving understanding
In times of pain and strife
A love that's freely given
And many sacrifices made
Have made a debt, that all my life, 
Shall never be repaid
I know what good there is in me
Has come from knowing you.
And so~when counting mothers,
I find I have two."

My second mother left this life today. The above poem was hung on her dining room wall; a gift from one of the many "extras" she parented along the way. 

She took me into her family when I was 17 & taught me so much. She helped me find my voice & encouraged me to do what made me happy, regardless of the judgements of others. She encouraged me to repair my relationship with my parents & gave me a place to live when I needed one.

She was a remarkable person. Imperfect, like us all. Through her triumphs & mistakes, she taught me how to live...&, now, how to die, with dignity & grace.