Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Second Mother

"Although you're not my mother
You mean as much to me,
As though you were,
As though you are, 
And~as though you'll always be.
For mothering is so much more
Than simply giving life
It's loving understanding
In times of pain and strife
A love that's freely given
And many sacrifices made
Have made a debt, that all my life, 
Shall never be repaid
I know what good there is in me
Has come from knowing you.
And so~when counting mothers,
I find I have two."

My second mother left this life today. The above poem was hung on her dining room wall; a gift from one of the many "extras" she parented along the way. 

She took me into her family when I was 17 & taught me so much. She helped me find my voice & encouraged me to do what made me happy, regardless of the judgements of others. She encouraged me to repair my relationship with my parents & gave me a place to live when I needed one.

She was a remarkable person. Imperfect, like us all. Through her triumphs & mistakes, she taught me how to live...&, now, how to die, with dignity & grace. 

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