Saturday, June 28, 2014

Court update

Earlier this week, we had yet another court hearing on Lil Sis's case. As usual, nothing has really happened, but it was certainly interesting.

Her mother was released from prison 3 months ago. According to the CW, Gma called him a couple times in the last week or so. When told that they wouldn't discuss the case with her, she finally made the mother call. 

It appears that the mother is living with Gma again & Gma is pushing her to get her daughter back so she (Gma) can have her. It's like a repeat of 5 years ago. This is the same pattern of behavior that occurred in her sister's case. 

Perhaps that is why I was a lil more forceful in talking to the judge. Instead of objectively answering his questions, I sorta too over the hearing. I informed the court of all the things I thought they should know that DHS had not been telling them. 

Up until this point, everyone else involved (child's attorney, ADA & Judge) had been operating as if this child was only in care because her mother had been incarcerated at the time Gma's house became unsafe. Since the judge gave me more latitude this time around, I took the opportunity to inform them about the fact that this mother abandoned her when she was one, long before her incarceration & I made it clear that the struggles that Lil Sis is having right now are directly linked to the mishandling of her case throughout her life & that they cannot be addressed properly until she has permanency.

At that point the CW tried to blame the ADA for tpr (termination of parental rights) not being filed yet. So the ADA yells at CW for not making the necessary request  for the filing of tpr. 

In the end, next hearing is set out for 60 days to give ADA time to file & serve tpr petition. Oh yeah...and mother is back in jail for violations of the terms I her release. 

The foster care system is never boring...
Or logical. 

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  1. I'm going through the same thing right now. Nice to know I'm not the only one lol