Friday, May 2, 2014

If there's one thing Americans have figured out by now, it's how to kill people...

 I've been following the insanity that is the botched execution in my state.

I know there are many views about whether or not we should be concerned about humane executions. Mostly, I approach it from a constitutional ideal in that, if we allow our government to violate it's foundational laws, we put ourselves & our own families at risk.

More personally, daughter's grandfather was executed at that same prison. When I see his photo, I see her face. She actually looks more like him than she does any other member of her bio family that I met. When I finally have to tell her about his story, I can only imagine how much harder it would be for her to know that he went through something like this.

So, while I understand that this man did horrible things...almost every person, no matter how awful, has someone out there who cares about them. Someone that wasn't responsible for the evil acts done by a monster, but who does time along with them, suffers from the knowledge that their loved one did something unthinkable & who goes through another loss when they are put to death...even the family members who agree with the death sentence. In interviews, many family members of the victims are often quoted as having very little satisfaction following the execution.

So, yeah, I may not have much sympathy for the murderer...but I have tons of empathy for all the other human beings involved in all sides of all this. And I think allowing ourselves to willfully torture people, make us no better than the monsters we are trying to get rid of. I'm not opposed to capital punishment, but we do need to find a better solution than this.

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