Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flying W Guest Ranch

 My family spent last weekend at the Flying W Guest Ranch in Sayre, Oklahoma.

Today was their official grand opening, under their new management. I would like to sincerely wish them the best, as they seemed to be very nice people & my kids had a blast there.

They have a frontier town, complete with mannequins to set the scene of what things would have looked like in the late 1800s, as well as the usual trail rides and such that you find on a guest ranch.

One thing the Flying W has that most ranches don't, though, is an archeological site. Specifically, it is the "largest  buffalo kill site in the southern plains". Archaeologists from the University of Oklahoma oversee the exploration and excavation at the Flying W Guest Ranch kill site, and have revealed the remains of approximately 800 bison. If you visit the ranch during dig season, you can actually participate in the dig. Of course, I had to visit at the wrong time...but I would like to return sometime to see the dig.

The cabin we stayed in.


  1. Hi! It's Trace from American Indian Adoptees. You are a great photog!

  2. The atmosphere in the ranch seems like it's still 1800's! What made me excited the most is the part where you mentioned that there are remains of approximately 800 bisons in the area, and that they have dig seasons for guests to take part. I wish you will also blog about it when you return to see the dig. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family experience at the ranch, Summer. Till next time!

    Darren Lanphere @