Friday, March 7, 2014

Broke the news to the Big Kids

I was walking through the house today, when I hear my 11 year old's phone ringing. Being the only one in the house, I had to find & silence it. Turns out it was his calendar, reminding him of his dad's birthday.

I hadn't realized that today is the 7th, until that moment. Yep, it's Wasband's birthday. He is spending it in jail because of his choice to not pay child support. Also, he has a court hearing this morning on another case, where he had a previous warrant, for not paying his student loans. Happy birthday to him, I suppose.

After running away for a day, to get my mind in a better place, I sat the three oldest kids down to tell them. I had considered not telling them, but I really didn't see a way around it. After a few weeks, they would've started asking why he wasn't calling. Plus, if he told them later (and he likely would because he hasn't previously had very good boundaries of what to tell them and to not), they would've been upset for me not telling them. So, I told them.

The boys were upset to find out that he hadn't been paying child support, more than that he was in jail. The 11 y/o did say that it was "weird" to think that their dad was in jail, though. Much to my surprise, our daughter (8) was deliriously happy. When I told her, she laughed & she could not quit smiling. I asked her why & she said "I'm glad the judge gave him a time out...I feel like he's had me in time out for a long time..." Wow.

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