Saturday, February 15, 2014

Deep breath

Around here, we have good days & we have bad days. Sometimes the shift is moment to moment.

Sometimes I have to stop & remind myself that I am parenting hurt children & a lot of what I deal with is to be expected. Doesn't mean that it's not overwhelming, at times, though.

Yesterday, I had to go pick Beautiful up early from school. She was complaining of a stomach ache. Ever since she has been angry with her dad in recent months, any time she gets upset she has somatic symptoms like that. Turns out a boy had pushed her on the playground. When she got upset, her stomach started hurting. Instead of helping her calm down, the nursing assistant told her she had to call me & go home. *sigh*

I've gotten a recommendation for a therapist, but I'm waiting on an intake to get her back in therapy. Hopefully that can happen soon.

Lil Sis has been improving a lot, lately. We had court on Thursday for her case. They found that "Active Efforts to Reunite Have Failed", which means the DA will now petition to terminate her mother's parental rights. Her mother apparently has at least two more years before she is able to be released. They said, though, if her behavior doesn't improve, she will not get early release & will have to serve her entire sentence. Unfortunately, the Judge pushed our next court date all the way back to the end of June. So, it looks like they aren't in any hurry to get permanency for her.

Fortunately, I was able to get the Judge to order DHS to enroll Lil Sis in the tribe. I've been trying for a full year, with no success. There are services that the tribe can't provide her without membership, so I think it's important. Also, there are Indian education things that she would be better able to access as a member. Plus, I just feel like she should be enrolled in the tribe because she is Choctaw. The Judge told me, if I keep having trouble, to call his office & they will take care of it. I can only imagine how much DHS would love me for that...

As for her behavior...she's been doing so much better. I had been giving glowing reports for weeks. I have been so very proud of how much work this small child has done in therapy & how well she has learned the techniques that her therapist has been teaching her. Today, though...she got angry & threw a knife at her sister. *deep breath*

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