Sunday, February 16, 2014

Always have a Plan B...&, if necessary, C, D & E

My dad has always called me "flighty" because I can completely change my entire trajectory if I think that it will create a better outcome. He, on the other hand, needs at least 6 months of preparation & multiple charts and figures to convince him beyond a shadow of a doubt that changing is the only possible way that the situation can be handled...and then he might consider it. I think being able to adapt to changing circumstance is probably the most important key to a happy & successful life. In fact, Darwin postulated that "It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change". Without this ability, I don't think I could've done half of the things that I have.

I've been asked so many times, since I started law school, "how do you do it all"? I really don't know, most of the time, to be honest. One thing is certain though, I've had to learn to be very willing to adapt & to be flexible. There have been many times that I had to change plans at the last minute. My smart phone & my appointment planner run my life.

I've gotten calls to pick up kids early from school & had to completely rearrange everything. I've taken kids to work with me. They've been to the law school with me for more than a few classes & meetings. In fact, the favorite story of some in the law school's recruiting office is the time I breastfed my infant while participating in an International Indigenous Peoples' Law class, while we were connected via video link to classes in Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

So, I guess I'm probably a bit non-conventional. But, I try to approach things pragmatically & in a goal oriented way. Whatever will accomplish the goals (because there are usually more than one happening, concurrently, because life is just complicated like that) is what I'm going to do.

In any event, the Bar Exam is coming up in 10 days. I'm honestly very worried about this because things have been so stressful & hectic lately. Given Lil Sis's recent incident, there suddenly arose cause for concern about how I was going to be able to study. Violent outbursts might not be such a concern if there were only children older than her. However, with a toddler, who cannot defend himself, it's a very serious issue. Normally, this would result in light-of-sight supervision at all times that she would be around the other kids. Clearly, that would make studying impossible &, since I absolutely need to pass this test, I had to find a Plan B.

So, that night, we went to my parents, so they could help supervise the kids. (The last second trip was disconcerting to my dad, which is what prompted the remarks about him in the intro. lol) Then, today, I left the baby with his grandmother so he can visit with her until after the exam. I miss him already, but he's having a wonderful time so far. Rest assured, there are also precautions being taken with the older kids who are at home with me, but they are not in the same type of danger as a smaller child would be in the situation.

Now, with all the kids in a safer situation, I'm going to lock down for the last bit of hard studying before the exam. If you pray or believe in positive thinking or anything like that, please send some my ways. Perhaps it's just 11th hour panic, but I feel like it'll be a freaking miracle if I pass this thing. The sheer volume of information is incredible. If I hear one more person, who has no one to be responsible for but themselves, complain about how hard this is, I may become violent. It really does suck, but I'm working hard.

I think, if I pass this thing, I deserve a medal...or a crown...or, better yet, each one of you should buy me a drink, because I'll have earned every damn one of them.


  1. Pass it and I'll buy you a bottle of something! I believe in you and am sending prayers and positive energy your way.

  2. I'll buy you a tattoo instead.