Monday, December 9, 2013

Time to study

My Bar review materials were just delivered.

The class doesn't start until January 2, but there's a lot of pre-class reading & studying to do. Then, it's 6 weeks of cramming in preparation for the exam.

Since I can't afford to be off work for two months, my schedule is going to look like this:

6:00 am: get up & get everyone ready for school

7:20 am: start the school/day care drop off routine, then fight traffic to get to class

9:00 am - noon: Barbri

1 pm - 4-ish pm: work (let's face it, it'll be closer to 5, since I'll be trying to cram a full day of work into a few hours

Then it's fighting traffic to get home & pick up all the babies so we can do our evening routine & get to bed at a reasonable time. Then start it all over the next day.

It'll be an exhausting two months. Here's hoping it pays off & I pass this time around.

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