Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

This Christmas has been a good one for my little family. We got to share the blessings that we have with others, which always makes me happy.

We got to spend some time back home. I  first typed "in my home town", but that never feels right, since the nearest town is miles away. 

I was raised on a cattle ranch, if you can imagine that. Also, my father had no sons...but did have a fear of his daughters growing up to be dependent on men. So, we worked as hard as the men. As such, I don't really know how not to work. 

So, instead of laying around over the winter break (I've been working from home all week, since the kids are out of school) I spent it doing manual labor. 

A few weeks ago, while we were getting snow, the folks back home were dealing with a ice storm. It left a lot of damage & left thousands without electricity. My parents had lots of trees down & were without electricity for about a week & a half. 

Fortunately, most of their damage was cleaned up by the time I got there. So, instead, we helped a neighbor with some cleanup. Mostly this was in the form of dragging & burning fallen limbs. 

I call her a neighbor but she grew up with my grandmother. My family has known each other for generations, so she's more of extended family. These days, she's an elderly widow & most of her family lives quite a distance away. So, it's always nice to help, whenever possible.

Likewise, today, her family enjoyed the turkey that we had been given. For the record, I don't want the critical comments or emails about how I shouldn't give away food, when we're on such a budget. In our culture, sharing food is a high honor. So, if that's what you had to say, just keep moving.

In any event, we worked hard & played hard. My family were very generous with the kids & they all came home with lots of new clothes & toys. The Bigs got to see their dad. (I don't want to hear it about that, either. Yes, I know how he's been. However, I have a daughter that is literally sick, from feeling unwanted by him. So, I was not going to tell him he couldn't bring their gifts over.)

We just arrived home & I lit a fire. It's time for some quiet time with my little family.

Sending prayers & good thoughts to all who read this. May the coming year bring many blessings to you & yours.

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