Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why is it so hard to get help?

I've been trying to get Beautiful speech therapy since she was 2. DHS did nothing to help & our options for providers were limited by living in an isolated area. Once she turned 3, interventions were the responsibility of the school district. I pushed & pushed until we managed to get an intake. Yes, she clearly has delays (she didn't speak until she was almost 3)...but she wasn't delayed ENOUGH for them to give her help. So, I continued to do everything I could figure out how to do at home. The gap closes a bit more each year, but she still needs helps.

She's also showing signs of dyslexia. I asked her school to test her last year. They told me they wanted to try various interventions first. "It's a process", they said, & we had to show that the interventions weren't enough. So...we did that.

This year, I requested the testing again. BUT...they want to try the interventions again...despite the fact that she is clearly getting farther behind. "It's a process", they say. I swear, if I hear that phrase again, I'm going to need bail money...

So, I march into the office of the person who is responsible for setting up the testing, only to find out that they don't even evaluate for dyslexia. WHAT!?! I've been asking about this for a year & no one has even bothered to tell me that it's an option?!

Had I known this, I would have gotten her outside evals last year! In any event, I've gotten the number of a place that supposedly has a short waiting list for evals. Hopefully I can get her in quickly & get in touch with an Advocate so that we can get an ISP in place.

Honestly, it should not be this hard to get help for kids. Education is important & we shouldn't be forcing these kids to get farther behind before they can get the support they need to learn.

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  1. Makes me wish you could homeschool again! I know that's not even close to doable anymore! Hugs! I'll bail you out!