Saturday, September 7, 2013

Parenting is fun...really...

It was a rough day in the Parent Hood today.

I knew that Lil Sis was finally starting to understand that she no longer lives with her former fosters because of some of the things that she was saying during yesterday's therapy session. However, things ramped up quickly this morning.

She started out the whining, so I knew she was still pretty emotional. By noon we were on hour two of a raging meltdown. She yelled, kicked, hit people, 
threw things. It was ugly. Since this was happening in her room, I have everyone else go to other parts of the house so that she couldn't hurt them & could calm down. Needless to say, her room was destroyed. 

Finally, it ended as quickly as it had begun. I gave her time to play & decompress. Then, when it was time for us all to clean up (part of our normal routine), I asked her to clean up the mess  in her room. This started round two. 

This time, it wasn't the out of control meltdown that happens when she doesn't know how to deal with what she's feeling. This was was just an angry, defiant tantrum. 

I asked her who made the mess. She acknowledged that she did. So, I explained that she needed to clean it up. She calmly told me that she would rather lose all of it than clean it up or stop destroying it (we had gone back to throwing things by this point). Deal.

Her room is now cleared of everything except her mattress & bedding. 

Of course, she never really wanted to lose her stuff. In fact, she never thought I'd actually move it out. She just said that to push my buttons because things like that have worked for her in the past. 

Naturally, now she is begging to get it all back. want it back? Good, then you'll be willing to work to earn it back.

Oh yeah...and while I type this...we're 10 minutes into yet another meltdown...


  1. Hopefully lesson learned...until least one room is really clean!

  2. oh the joys! Good for you to sticking to your guns and following through!