Monday, August 19, 2013

Love good news

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my friend had been in a serious motorcycle accident. It was quite scary, as he had to be taken by helicopter & placed in an artificial coma in order to relieve pressure off his brain. Having had a couple people that I've cared about NOT recover from similar injuries (one made a partial recovery but is now dead from complications a year or so after the accident, the other is in a persistent vegetative state), I was quite concerned.

I am happy to report that the medical interventions were successful & he has made excellent progress. He was released from the hospital just over a week ago & is being cared for by family while he heals up. A couple of days ago, I spoke to him briefly. He is grateful for everyone's prayers & is thankful to still be alive. He also plans to get a helmet & to not take so many chances (fingers crossed on this one). :-)

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