Monday, July 22, 2013

CW visit

Today was the monthly CW visit. He's a nice man, who really seems to have good intentions. However, he just doesn't seem to keep up with what's going on.

Since our visit last month, he hasn't even downloaded the application for her tribal membership, much less actually taken steps to complete it.

We discussed the proposed visitation with Gma. He says he's going to go along with the therapist (& my) recommendation (unofficial recommendation) that there be no visits. Gma does not have any legal standing & has not been given an ISP, so she has no rights to ask for visitation in the first place. Since there is no chance of Lil Sis being put back in her home, there is no purpose for the visitation. It will simply make Gma feels better, at the expense of further traumatizing the child.

I did find out that Lil Sis does have an attorney. In fact, she was in court during the last hearing. I, apparently, missed that fact because she stood there & never said a word. Ummm...wth wasn't she objecting to the presence of Gma & her therapist, neither of which had the legal right to be there, much less to monopolize the court's time as they did?!? I must make a point to meet this attorney, if possible, to see if this can be prevented in the future.

He asked about a clothing voucher for Lil Sis...again. We had this conversation last month. "I've never gotten anything from you guys to help take care of her," I told him, once again. Once again, he made a note to check. We shall see what happens...

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