Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Case Worker

Yesterday was the first home visit with the new case worker. He had called in a panic on Friday, while I was out of town, requesting that we set up a time, since he was running out of time to get June's required visit completed. I agreed to let him come over Saturday morning because...well, I really had no other choice...and I needed to meet the person that would be behind the recommendations that will be made on Lil Sis's case.

I posted this about it on FB:

Apparently, E has finally been assigned a new case worker. I got a panicked call from him today, since he's running out of time to do June's home visit. So, he'll be here at 9 o'clock in the morning.

Y'all know how I feel about strangers in my house...and that I don't trust men (sorry, guys, but it is what it is)...this child better be glad I love her because, tomorrow, I will tolerate a strange man casing the joint at an obscene time of the morning. No man should be in my house at that time of morning, unless he's cooking me

 It was a rather uneventful, 10 minute home visit. Like the last CW, he knew nothing about the case other than her name and age. He assumed that she was a pre-adoptive placement, so I had to explain that termination of her mother's parental rights was not even on the table at this point. I also informed him of her upcoming parole hearing. He had no idea how her release would effect their offering of services to her. He wasn't aware that she was the "non-offending" parent in this case (because the child was not removed from her care & she was not responsible for any the circumstances that led to the removal), which does make a difference. He's never handled an ICWA case. He also didn't know when the next court hearing is, though he did assure me that he "will let me know what happens". I assured him that I have every intention of being there "because I never get straight answers about what happens when I don't make it & I wasn't even informed about the last one until over a week after it happened." He was clearly surprised, but I think that he got my point.

Lil Sis had been in care for 10 months now. I still don't have her medical card. It has been sitting in her DHS file since I ordered it, after she moved in. They also still haven't sent in her tribal membership application. Though I know they are supposed to handle that, I'm considering sending it myself & seeing if I can convince membership services to accept the application.

In the end, the visit was unproductive for much, other than checking the box on their little form. But, I did get to meet the new CW. He's a nice man, but he doesn't seem to really know how to really handle these cases, by which I mean ensuring the child is cared for & advocating for them. Also, he's never had an ICWA case, which means he probably hasn't been on this job long. After all, the majority of cases in my state are ICWA cases. My overall first impression is that he means well but he tend to just go down the little checklist & covers the formalities, like most CWs.

On the up side, a new worker means no triggering or meltdowns for Lil Sis. So, our lives continue on as normal. Her behavior has been staying pretty stable & she's been making some progress, which is always wonderful.

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  1. I am ecstatic that the new cw did not trigger a negative response from lil sis. I am still praying that he get a little more on the ball in regards to her case, hers hoping that he was just unprepared because he just got the case.
    I have faith that you will be able to help him get up to speed and advocate for lis sis, even if yo have to drag him there kicking and screaming!!!