Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lil Sis update

Since Lil Sis moved in, I've been extremely frustrated with her CW because nothing gets done. Add to that, the fact even seeing her CW is a HUGE trauma trigger for Lil Sis and it's been several months of 2 steps forward, a dozen steps back.

Every time Lil Sis sees the CW, she immediately freezes. Then, we have at least two weeks of regressed behavior. The nightmares come back. She starts acting out & is an emotional mess. This starts leveling out after a couple weeks. Then, we can finally start working on her real issues...for about a week or so...and, then, it's time for the monthly CW visit again. So, we get back on the roller coaster.

Her counselor had started coming here to stay with Lil Sis, while the CW did her monthly visit. She observed the reaction, and the fall out, as well. Acting on her recommendation to request a new CW, I called the supervisor. And that became an exercise in frustration...

I called & left messages for 3 weeks, without a call back. FINALLY, she called me back Friday. Her explanation for not calling me back was that she had a cornea transplant, so she was out on medical leave. I'd like to know why the staff was just passing me to her voicemail, rather than dealing with the issue. We did get lucky, in the mean time, and a substitute worker did the May visit. The fact that there was absolutely no negative reaction from Lil Sis cemented for the counselor & me that we need a new CW. I explained all of this to the supervisor & she assured me that she would speak with the counselor &, if the counselor confirms what I said, we will get a new CW.'s hoping...

In other news, Lil Sis is doing well. She's making progress in dealing with grieving her last fosters. She talks about them just about every day now, without sobbing & works them into her imaginative play. Happy to see positive progress in that area.

Hopefully, once she works through some of that, she can start to deal with some of her other underlying issues. She still refuses to talk about anything about her family. There are definite red flags for SA, which I won't go into here. But, there's a lot for this child to deal with & I just hope & pray, every day, that she can heal from all that she's been through.

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