Wednesday, June 12, 2013


When Lil Sis opens up about stuff, it sorta works like a floodgate. There's a rush of information, the it gets shut own completely for a while.

A couple days ago, she not only started chattering constantly about her last fosters, but she also brought up her Granny. This is a huge breakthrough because, previously, she would shut down at the mere mention of Granny. She wouldn't talk about her or any experience related to her. Suddenly, she not only mentioned her, but started talking about how she used to live with Granny and asking "who carried me in her belly". I said, "your mother carried you".

She was confused by this & said "I don't have a mother". I have a Granny & my Dads & you're my Mom. So I explained to her about her mother: her name, how she is also Beautiful's mother, how she lived with her when she was a baby, etc. She asked to see a picture. However, she froze at the site of the photo & refused to talk about her anymore. She did, however, want to know how she got out of her mother's belly as a baby, so we got to have an entirely different discussion...

In any event, I also found out that they have set the date for the girls' mother's parole hearing for September. IDK what this means for Lil Sis's case. With overcrowding the way it is in the women's facilities in my state, they are letting out just about anyone they can. So, it's likely that she will make parole, unless there are some disciplinary issues that we haven't been made aware of.

Most of the transition programs that work with the facility she's in operate right here in the same metro that I live in. So, she'll be close. I don't think she's a threat as long as she's clean...but she's unpredictable when using.

I'm concerned about them starting visits, if she's released. Lil Sis hasn't seen her since she was a toddler, so I don't think she even really remembers her. She told me that her Granny never talked to her about her mother, but seeing a photo was distressing. So, there doesn't seem to be any bonding or attachment to draw, her therapist & I are concerned that it will be terribly traumatic. We're just now breaking the ice on dealing with any of her issues. She doesn't need more added on.


  1. Wow what a lot out of her!! Thats awesome she is feeling safe enough to branch out and start asking questions!

  2. Wow that is a break through for her. I hope that she continues to open up.