Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heaven help me!

This evening was my first monthly visit from Lil Sis's CW. I'm definitely not thrilled.

It's hard enough for me to have someone in my house. I'm very selective about who comes to my home. I don't let many people in here...but I don't have a choice on this, so I play nice. However, it does mean I'm already anxious when she shows up...then she makes it very clear that she's not doing a thing on this case. I can't even imagine the look that I gave this woman when she actually said "not much happens in this case [because there are no bio visits, etc.], so I haven't been keeping up with what's going on with the case plan."  WTF did she just say to me?!?

Those of you who were with me the last time I did the foster thing know that I don't handle it well when people in this system don't do their job. I don't take excuses from adults who don't seem to care that it's the children that suffer from their laziness.

This CW seems like a nice woman. However, she doesn't know what's going on in this case...and actually told me that she's not concerned about it. She doesn't know when the next court date is. She didn't know how long this child has been in care. Lil Sis was in care for a few months before the CW bothered to read the background on the family. She also didn't notify ICW because she didn't know that Lil Sis was Native until I called asking about her. I was appalled by this at the time, but NOW I know that Lil Sis was placed on the same case file as Beautiful used to be on (because of the original referral, at birth, apparently). SO, she didn't even have to go looking for this info. All she had to do was read the computer file...but she didn't.

The CW did tell me that the case may be transferred to another worker. I'm hoping that, if that happens, it brings about an improvement.

Y'all better pray for me or send some good Karma my way or SOMETHING...cuz I'm gonna need all the help I can get to make it through another case with OKDHS.

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