Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring had sprung!

We had a few late winter storms, so I'm getting a late start on planting my garden. However, I did take a break from thesis writing today to pull some weeds out of the berry patch.

I have strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, and all my beautiful plants are starting to come out of dormancy. They are BEAUTIFUL! The kids and I are so very excited for the fruit that they will produce...and I'm excited about how much it will help my budget.

I purchased these plants last fall with funds that were donated by generous blog readers, who know how much of a struggle that it has been trying to get through law school. I would like to, once again, thank those that donated. My little family appreciates it more than you will ever know.

I should end this post now, so that I can go back to work writing my thesis. However, I will try to keep you all updated on the garden as growing season progresses.

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  1. We still have snow on the ground with no chance of planting till at least the end of May! I want to live where you live. I can't wait to see pictures of big juicy strawberries.