Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break Update...

For those asking how Operation Divide & Conquer went, the short answer is:


The longer answer: It was the Hindenberg & Chernobyl combined.

The older kids are having a great time at my parents. Their dad has even been going by to see them, which is a HUGE improvement.

The scene at MY house, however, has been much different. The help that I was promised was in the form of the baby's dad & his friend. What I got was my privacy completely invaded, a lot of stress & anxiety, MORE work than normal, and a home that now resembles a frat house. I'm keeping this post short because my thoughts aren't fit to publish. I got less school work done than I normally do, but I did get the wonderful experience of elevated blood pressure. Lucky me!

In any event, the guys left this morning. I spent today trying to put this disaster of a house back together. It's about halfway done. I'll spend the rest of the weekend trying to get it all back in order & playing catch-up on my homework. On the up side, my Bigs come home to me tomorrow!

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  1. Yuck!! Sorry they made more work instead of less work for you! Almost there!! Graduation is just around the corner!