Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flying solo...

Normally I manage to juggle this whole work/school/kids thing pretty well, without giving much thought to the fact that I don't have backup that's available to help me on short notice. Friday was not one of those days!

I had to leave work in the middle of a client consultation because the day care was blowing up my phone. Both children that I have there were sick. While I was on my way to pick them up, I got a call from the elementary school to discuss some "concerns" that they have about the son that I have in their school.

Deep breath & push on...

So, my weekend plans of thesis writing turned into nursing sick kids (along with the added laundry & carpet shampooing that is inevitable with that) and steam cleaning the house.

Overall, though, things are going well. Lil Sis is settling into the routine & learning the rules. We are still struggling with her lying anytime she thinks she may get into trouble and with her impulse to hit whenever there is a conflict. She is also occasionally having nightmares & fighting in her sleep. I am working on finding a counselor to work with her to help her learn to deal with these issues.

The other kids have accepted her into the family really well. I shutter to think how devastated they would be if she had to leave us. With foster care, there are no guarantees, though. So, we'll just have to jump off that bridge if we get there.

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  1. I am glad to here that lil sis is settling in. Unfortunately its gonna take a while for her to not fear getting in trouble. I am afraid it may take even longer for her to unlearn the lessons she has learned by her bio-family. She hits when she is upset because that was how conflicts were resolved in her little world. She will learn to emulate your family's behaviors and conflict resolution in time.