Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are they all REALLY yours?

This morning I was asked about my kids. "You have 4?!?" This is something I hear a LOT, complete with the crazy eyed look that makes it seem as if I just said I have 50 kids or I live with 30 or 40 pigs in my house (an actual news story I saw yesterday). Today, though, I was also asked: "so, are they ALL yours?"

I'm sure I looked confused. "What do you mean?" It's not like I go around picking up random kids & bringing them home like stray cats.

As the conversation continued I realized that I apparently I forgot that being adopted means she's not REALLY my daughter. How could I forget such a thing & actually consider my daughter to be a real part of my family?!? Silly me! So glad this lady corrected me today.

 You would be very proud of me. I was actually very calm. I was rather caught off guard. I hadn't realized it until today, but I haven't had to deal with the invasive questions or ignorance lately & I guess I've gotten kind of comfortable with not hearing the comments. So, I actually didn't even realize what she meant until I had her explain it.

Yet another reminder of the ignorance in the world that I will not be able to protect my precious children from indefinitely, so it is my job to educate them & help them learn how to deal with it.

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