Thursday, December 20, 2012

What makes a sibling?

It's always fun to watch children try to figure out how things work. In my house, I don't use the whole half-sibling or step-sibling terminology. However, they've picked up these concepts at school. So, they realize that many people consider their baby brother to be only their "half-brother". However, they are having trouble figuring out how my daughter's little sister fits in here. After all, they share a sister with her, but they don't really have any relation to her.

We define family by relationship, rather than biology, but this doesn't help them much here since they've never met her. It's rather interesting to watch them attempt to put this relationship into the limited boxes provided by a narrow minded society. My advice to them was to stop trying to label it and let's just focus on trying to develop the relationship.


  1. Great post! I love watching people's heads explode when Liam explain that he has 3 mothers, and a brother and sister that he's never met.

  2. All 5 of mine consider J/V/D their brothers and sister...even though she's only blood related to 3 of them...nor do they live with us. The older 3 have another 1/2 sister on dad's side, but b/c we know virtually nothing about her, other than a name, they don't even really consider her a sister. I think adults get more worried about definitions than kids do!