Monday, November 12, 2012

Perspective is everything

I was actually halfway through a rather lengthy post when I heard an amazing quote on an old episode of Bones (The Finder, S6:E19), which I had playing in the background. So, instead of droning on myself, today I will share this insight for your consideration as well. The speaker suffers from PTSD, which manifests for him primarily in the form of paranoia. His paranoia & hyper awareness, though, allows him to see details about the world that others miss and allows him to have insights into the way others perceive the world in ways that wouldn't be possible without the constant questioning that comes with seeing the world through paranoid eyes.

“There is an infinite, thrumming, unseen web adjoined to everything. Everything is connected to everything else. This fact is difficult to grasp because we are just mollusks, shut up tight at the bottom of a dark, cold ocean, trying to make sense of stars that we cannot even see! I challenge everything because when I do, a quick bolt of electricity bolts from two elements that otherwise appeared unconnected. You call it paranoia, I call it epiphany."

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