Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election hang-over...

Waking up to the blatant, unadulterated racism that showed up on my Facebook news feed this morning was definitely less than pleasant. Now, I'm not sure whether to delete these people or to add them to a special list so that I have an easy reference of the people that I need to keep far, far away from my children. I did immediately choose to unfriend the most objectionable. However, the more subtle, I'm still on the fence about. I tend to think that hatred grows best in isolation. So, perhaps, exposure to my ideas & my rainbow family will help their ignorance, even in some minute way. If not, they'll just delete me eventually. Many have traveled that road before them.

In real life, I don't actually refer to my family as a "rainbow family". I honestly don't think much about the multi-racial makeup that we live in. When I look at my children, I see only my children. However, the reality is I have a multi-racial family, with a daughter that openly talks about the fact that her mother is in jail & boys with extremely long hair (which, for some reason, is a big deal to people). So, when out in public I often get the joy of fielding a lot of curious question. Unfortunately, there's also a lot of ignorance to wade through. In fact the well never seems to dry up, at times.

Granted, I live in the Bible Belt, where homogeneity is encouraged; nay, expected. However, is wears on me at times.

In the last several weeks, I have been called a racist. What did I do to warrant this label? Did I use a racial epithet? Did I make a broad generalization about an ethnic group?  No, I simply labeled myself as Choctaw. Apparently, according to this person, simply embracing my tribe and its cultural heritage, I am demonstrating that I am biased against other races. Interesting theory... Ironically, this entire tirade began because I gave my opinion about the use of racial stereotyping in Halloween costumes.

One thing that polarizing events, such as this election or holidays, does is remind me how much ignorance there is in this world. While I'd like to hide & pretend it's not there, I can't. As a parent, I have a responsibility to prepare my children for dealing with this sort of ignorance and hatred, while simultaneously attempting to shield them from as much of it as humanly possible, at least until they are older & better equipped to deal with it.


  1. I'd say "You're kidding me" about the racist label being hurled at you for identifying your heritage, but I'm sadly certain that you're dead serious.


    1. Yeah...I was baffled by it. Very odd. I attempted dialogue to try to understand the logic, but got nowhere. I must remember that it is not possible to reason irrational thoughts.

  2. Simple. You were dealing with a racist, I'm assuming white. I read this and thought about the people think everyone should want to be white. White is best, right? (sarc) And especially since you actually have European heritage, you're doubly guilty. :P It's just been in our culture so long people don't even know it's still there, and don't like their world challenged.

  3. Self identifying your culture is not racist. Self identifying is not saying you are superior and they are inferior. I am German and English. That doesn't mean I hate the Irish and French. People can be so stupid.