Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Normally, I would write out a well thought out, articulate essay about a whole host of things that are wrong with Columbus day. This year, though, I'm tired and behind schedule in my school work, so I will give the simplest explanation possible:

I don't celebrate genocide.

You can quote me on that, btw.

"Every Native American is a survivor, an anomaly, a surprise on earth. We were all slated for extinction before the march of progress. But surprise, we are progress." ~Louise Erdrich, from First Person, First Peoples

Even though I don't have the mental or emotional energy to devote to my normal railings against this absurd holiday, I would like to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my children's schools do not observe the holiday. Still, I'm a bit discouraged that some of their classes do still teach the same old fictions, like Columbus believing the world was flat. In any event, progress is progress, so I'm trying to stay optimistic. However, I will take the opportunity to say that I'm very disappointed in President Obama's Columbus Day Proclamation.

I also thought I'd take this opportunity to pass along some links. Click through them & share them. Education is so important! Any links that you guys come across, please pass them along in the comments so I can add them to my file.

Transform Columbus Day:"The Transform Columbus Day Alliance actively rejects the celebration of Christopher Columbus and his legacy of domination, oppression, and colonialism. We also reject historical misconceptions regarding Columbus and his "discovery" of the Americas."

Native Appropriations: Celebrating Indigenous Peoples, Not Columbus
"Native Appropriations is a forum for discussing the use of Indigenous cultures, traditions, languages, and images in popular culture, advertising, and everyday life."

Reconsider Columbus Day: and excellent video! I share this one every year & encourage you to do the same.

My friend made a blog post with excellent videos. Be sure to check them out!

Smiling Indians: Just for fun, a nice representation of Natives. I love the 1491s & this video. Also, I happen to know the little girl at 2:07. Her father is a friend of mine. You can also find them on Twitter & FaceBook.

And for some sarcasm about today, check out these e-cards and this FB conversation from today:
"As always, I will celebrate Columbus Day by barging into the neighbors house, giving them small pox, relegating them to a small portion of the attic to live, inviting all my buddies over and proclaiming I discovered the place."
"don't forget to raid other neighbors & kidnap them to make them do all the work in your new kingdom..." (this was my comment, btw)
"Later, you can blame those lazy attic people for all of your own problems and tell them they're not trying hard enough to like the attic! Yay!"

And, of course, George Carlin & Louis C.K. had some things to say...

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  1. Here's an excellent article.Make sure you read the whole thing so you can see all the suggestions for other celebrations. Personally, my vote is for "Kids Who Are Changing the Planet Day";)