Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Maybe there really IS hope for the human race...

Today we all got up & were ready on time. "We're getting a good start," I thought. "Today's gonna be a good day," I said. All ready for our school days, the kids & I climbed in the would. not. start.

How can the battery be dead?!? I drove it yesterday! It was just fine when I parked it last night!

So, I try to jump start it with one of those rechargeable battery jumping unit thingies (yes, that's a technical term). No dice.

Everyone out of the van. Give the elementary school kids pop-tarts because they are clearly going to miss breakfast. Mentally calculating how many miles it would be to walk everyone to school and then get to my classes, I decide to try one more thing before giving up.

I had never met my neighbor before today, but I went and knocked on her door. She had a truck sitting in the driveway that I knew would have enough power to jump the van, so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

She happily came over to help. Unfortunately, though, we were having trouble starting it and her daughter was going to be late for school if I didn't let her go. So, I told her "thank you" and assured her that I would be ok & I would find a way to get to school and finish working on the van this evening.

That's when something happened that I never expected...

She insisted that she take me & all my children to our schools/day care, even though it would add several extra miles & four additional stops to her morning. Then, when she realized how far it was, she wouldn't let me walk to get everyone and go home. When I finished my day of classes, she was waiting out front to pick me up. Then, we trekked through town, picking up all my babies, before coming home and spending an hour working together to get the van started.

I have the most amazing neighbor ever!

Once the van was started, I went to the auto parts store to test the battery. As expected, it tested to have a bad cell. So, I was about to buy the battery, but the guy says "I'll sell you one, but I won't put it on for you." This surprised me, because they routinely do these simple things for customers. When I asked his reasoning he replied "because it might take a little while & I don't want to start a job that will take more than a few minutes..." Well, then, I won't be buying my battery from you.

I went down the street to Auto Zone. The guy there not only gave me a discount on the merchandise, but installed it with a smile...even though it meant he was out on the sidewalk with the hot sun beating down on him.

So...even though today was extremely long & exhausting, I had the amazing fortune of being on the receiving end of the generosity of some wonderful people. Without their help, I don't know how I would have been able to get my kids where they need to go. For that I am eternally grateful.


  1. I am so glad you were able to meet such a clearly caring person today!!! Blessing comes when we least expect them. I see a lasting friendship in your future!!

  2. Girl someone was watching out for you! Glad that you have had great people in your life today!

  3. What awesome people you have encountered! They make me believe too that there is hope for humanity.

  4. Yay for good people! Good neighbors can make a big difference in a community!