Saturday, September 1, 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining...unfortunately, sometimes that lining is on a mushroom cloud...

I am aware that, very often, my posts seem to be a bit...ummmm...negative. For that I am sorry. However, it's my life & I'll bitch if I want to... ;-)

Seriously, though, I am in need of some serious time management help. I am overwhelmed with everything I have to do and it is starting to show. In the last few weeks, I have managed to bungle 4 appointments. One of them I had written in my planning incorrectly, probably because I was doing three other things while making setting up the meeting. The others were written in the trusty old planner correctly. I just forgot.

It's terribly frustrating. My brain is foggy from lack of sleep and my memory isn't working. Gyah!

I use routines and time savers, as much as possible, to make things go more smoothly and fit more things into my day. However, if anyone has any tips that might could help me more successfully juggle all this craziness, I'd be ever so appreciative.


  1. I feel your pain! I love the kids scouts and sports but DAY-UM they take up a lot of time. The only suggestions I have... CHECK LISTS. I make a lot of them and the day before go over your calendar for the next day.

  2. We use the dry-erase boards at the house for the kids' things, and we set the alarms on the cell phones to go off the day before the event. Since I am in school, I use my planner for both homework and everyday events, so I know what to expect the next day! Because I have not changed a bit in the procrastination area :)