Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And the prize for the 'Stupidest Thing I Heard All Day' goes to...

I should start by acknowledging that I am in a particularly bad mood today. I'm exhausted to the point of illness and, quite frankly, simply have no energy left to politely deal with ignorant people. So, if I sound particularly bitchy today...I am.

Oh the joys of the internet! We get to have enlightening conversations. I learn new things everyday.

Today, for example, I learned that "If you  'HATE CHILD SUPPORT [enforcement]' why are you depending on it , SUPPORT YOUR OWN CHILDREN!!!!"

To give context, this was during a conversation about how the child support enforcement agency doesn't always enforce.

That's right, folks, the answer to the fact that my children's father is thousands of dollars behind in supporting our children is to just support my own damn kids. He clearly doesn't have an obligation to help support his children. After all, if he wanted to support them, he would. Clearly, if I wanted his help, I should have stayed married to him. Who says traditional marriage is dead? You can't have your cake & eat it too, people! Things are so much clearer now! You heard it here first! Spread the news!


  1. My husband had to deal with it through two different states his ex lived in, it was always pretty effective. But I'm sorry you're dealing with crappy enforcement (and a crappy ex).

    1. Here they told me they don't start filing anything in court until it has been a full 90 days without ANY amount or 6 months without a full payment. Well...10 months since a full payment and 4 months and counting without ANY amount...and to my knowledge they have still done nothing.

      It's just frustrating that the whole purpose of passing the legislation that created the department was to NOT have that sort of delay in children getting support.

  2. Some people just really need a hug. In the head. With a hammer.