Monday, August 20, 2012

My LAST First Day of School

I hadn't even really thought about it this way, until I saw the title in my FaceBook newsfeed, posted by about a dozen of my classmates. Yes, it is my LAST first day of school; hopefully forever. Even though, as another classmate was taking great joy in pointing out, there will be continuing education hours required every year, the end is in sight. We are almost at the jumping off place, where our educational pursuits gives way to beginning our careers.

It's exciting; and terrifying. It's daunting; and promising.

I just keep telling myself that, if I can hang on for these few more months, things will get better.

I received confirmation of my next internship, to begin spring semester. It is an unpaid position, of course, but promises a lot of learning opportunities and, possibly, the change to become a jr. attorney with the firm after Bar passage.

This all came as quite a surprise, actually. The attorney is on the board of the place that I interned with over the summer. Apparently the attorneys there gave me rave reviews. When he asked me to come down and see his office, I thought I was going for a networking-type visit. However, it quickly morphed into an interview. Before I knew it, I had gotten this offer.

It's sorta a light at the end of the tunnel. I had been worried that I would be one of those people that graduate law school with no job offers or prospects, thus prolonging my struggle to get my family stabilized. I am so grateful because this is more than just a great's a restoration of HOPE.

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