Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another day, another hearing...

I went to court on Mar. 31, prepared to testify. However, after her mother finished her testimony, Judge Brock decided to issue an order immediately without further evidence. Her parental rights were terminated and Beautiful was declared eligible for adoption without parental consent. We will have one more hearing to finalize the adoption, probably sometime in late May.

It was rather, tragic actually. Sadly, Beautiful's biological mother doesn't even know how old she is. She said she was 7. When asked H's birthdate, she gave the DOB for her other daughter. She admitted that I had tried to keep contact in place with her & she never did anything because she "didn't have time". In short, she admitted that she doesn't want to raise her, she just (in the words of her attorney) "thought her daughter would grow up in another home but she would still be her mother".

I'm happy that Beautiful will finally have a permanent family, but broken hearted at the whole situation and everything my baby girl has been through...and everything she will have to process in the future.

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