Friday, October 21, 2011

“I don’t even have time for my cat.”

Yesterday, another student told me that she doesn’t know how law students with kids manage to get everything done. As she put it, “I don’t even have time for my cat.”

Here’s what yesterday looked like for me:

6am: wake kids up for school. Put clothes in the washer.

Lay back down until they are ready, but usually end up checking fb, cuz you can’t get much sleeping done with 3 kids running around the house trying to get ready & asking you a million questions

7:15: drop them off at school

Go home, out clothes in dryer & start another load, eat breakfast, shower & get ready for class.

9-11: classes

Go home for lunch. Put clothes in the dryer. Put supper in slow cooker.

1-2:15: class

2:15: drive to kids’ school. Spend a few minutes going over notes for presentation.

2:45: get kids and break every traffic law to get back to class

3:05: arrive to class 5 minutes late

4:50: last class finally over

Drive home, finish dinner, check homework, put away the laundry (or at least get it to the right rooms, it can live in the basket for all I care)

All kids in bed by 9pm. Generally this is when my homework time starts. Didn’t happen yesterday. I also confess that I’ve been trying to fit in a trip to the library & walmart all week but have yet to find the time or energy.

I wonder what it’s like to go through law school without kids…

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New blog header

Quite a bit has changed since the blog started, so I think it's time for a new header. In fact, my divorce is final today. We have been apart since July of last year, but waited to make it legal so as not to disrupt our daughter's adoption. While I realize that is controversial, we have been parenting her for years now & wish to continue doing so.
While divorce isn't a great thing, it's far less traumatic than returning to foster care & losing the only family that she remembers. So, we did what we thought was best. In other news, I'm expecting a new baby, due early next year.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finality at last!

Beautiful is officially, legally & forever our daughter!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another day, another hearing...

I went to court on Mar. 31, prepared to testify. However, after her mother finished her testimony, Judge Brock decided to issue an order immediately without further evidence. Her parental rights were terminated and Beautiful was declared eligible for adoption without parental consent. We will have one more hearing to finalize the adoption, probably sometime in late May.

It was rather, tragic actually. Sadly, Beautiful's biological mother doesn't even know how old she is. She said she was 7. When asked H's birthdate, she gave the DOB for her other daughter. She admitted that I had tried to keep contact in place with her & she never did anything because she "didn't have time". In short, she admitted that she doesn't want to raise her, she just (in the words of her attorney) "thought her daughter would grow up in another home but she would still be her mother".

I'm happy that Beautiful will finally have a permanent family, but broken hearted at the whole situation and everything my baby girl has been through...and everything she will have to process in the future.